Courtney Bateman Photographer

About Me

Welcome to my website, my name is Courtney Bateman and I am an Oxfordshire based equine and family photographer. 


I have always admired photographic art and classic photos, I believe a photo can speak a thousand words and I want to create images that do just that. I love seeing people happy with their captured memories, knowing that they will be treasured for a lifetime. With my family photography, I love to capture precious moments from an early age, it’s so easy to forget how small they were! When I’m working on pet photography I love to see the bond which an owner and their 4-legged friend have. 


I started my photography journey with my mum’s DSLR as a teenager taking pictures of anything I could find! I then used photography as my main piece in GCSE and A Level Art.  After this I invested in my first Canon DSLR and I took all opportunities to take photographs to gain experience and expand my skill. I also worked alongside a couple of photographers at horse shows to help build my knowledge. I was soon being approached by horse and dog owners for photoshoots of their pets, as well as for photography at local horse shows. Once I was established in equine photography I was approached by a livery yard member to take photos of her new-born baby as she liked my photography style and had seen the photos I had recently taken of my niece and nephew. This is very much where my passion of new-born and child photography began, I soon invested time, equipment and most importantly training into this area. Alongside equine, canine, new born and child photography I have taken photographs for weddings and christenings as well as headshots, maternity, business shoots and family portraits. 

I have recently successfully completed new-born safe posing training with a multi award winning trainer.


If you’d like to discuss my photography, or if you are interested in arranging a photoshoot I’d love to talk to you, please use the contact form to get in touch.